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& what's wrong with falling down?
you can always get back up again! :)

January 8th
9:55 PM


this break honestly passed by so fast.

torture will begin tmrw.

sigh i hate life.

June 21st
10:12 PM

06.21.11 :)

i went to eat at cafesta with friends and afterwards, we watched kung fu panda 2. it was pretty hilarious; PO: “my biggest enemy.. the stairs” “i thought he was my real father” THE GOOSE? LOOOL. anyways, when i got home, i had to go frisbee with a bunch of people. at school, frisbee was pretty fun & i got to meet my summer league’s head coach. he was really nice & friendly. i saw baylin as well and wished him a happy birthday! :] later on, i was having so much fun playing frisbee. then someone showed up. she started to take my positions in defence and offence and i was just there. i didn’t feel like i belonged there playing frisbee, once she showed up. i really don’t understand how she can impact my life so much. one minute, im extremely happy & the next she ruins it. why is she put in my life? why does she act so rude & innocent at the same time? why can’t people see her for who she really is? why must she act so fake and be so two-faced? sigh, there’s so many things i wonder about her. i hate the fact that she dresses like a freaking whore knowing that we are playing frisbee. like really, why not just wear proper gear like everyone else? who are you trying to impress? this just shows the kind of person you are; not everyone wants to get in your pants. do you really think your innocent act works on everyone? well, its not working on me & i know how fake you are. you act like a dumb blonde, like get a life. you seriously piss me off so much. why can’t you just act your age? ugh, can you please just leave me alone? what’s with all the glares your giving irene? like really, if you want to say something, say it to her face. for one thing, i’m glad that adrian asked if i was feeling okay because everyone else just moved on with their frisbee. i realized that adrian is can tell when im feeling bad & its nice to know. :] well, i guess today, i’ve learned that people actually care. i wrote a msg on my bbm pm about her & then kenneth and viv asked me what’s wrong & tried to help me. thank you for enlightening my mood! it really means a lot to me. <3