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& what's wrong with falling down?
you can always get back up again! :)

June 2nd
11:55 PM

06.02.11 :)

To start off my day, I had math EQAO. It honestly killed off my day, but afterwards, all my other classes were pretty simple & relaxing. During lunch, we got our yearbooks & I finally realized that the school year is almost over. There’s only a couple more weeks until summer! As appealing as it sounds, it made me remember that there are some people I won’t see until September. That okay I guess, but summer won’t be the same without Kelly & Kat. ): Anyways, afterschool I had a meeting & then I had to walk to kps to help coach frisbee! It was okay teaching the kids but I’m glad that my frisbee team members stayed a while after practice was over. I got all of them to write in my yearbook & the messages they wrote were so heart warming. Maybe thats why frisbee always puts a smile on my face; the people are just so welcoming that it makes me feel special to be with them. :) That reminds me of what happened in the hall today; I was pretty mad at comments people have said to me today, so while I was walking in the hall , some from the frisbee team waved & said hi to me. Right at that moment, it brightened my day. :) This goes to show that one little comment & a hello can brighten someone’s day! However, I learned that one tiny comment can cause someone to experience unimaginable pain. SO TO ALL YOU HATERS OUT THERE, ALWAYS THINK BEFORE YOU TALK BECAUSE YOU’LL NEVER KNOW HOW MUCH IT IMPACT SOMEONE’S LIFE! GET @ ME BRO!